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The THN Series Trinocular Microscopes; are one of the best system for a std inspection Job with a mag range from 7x up to 50x on the eyepieces , and on the Video port we can go up to 275x if needed adding lenses ; the most used systems on the industry with a clear image and an ergonomic body and position , to help you to document all your work, and see it at the same time in both ports , the video and the oculars





The best seller HD camera & the lowest cost option, when needs to have a powerfull system that allows you to do some special task and send all to the network , use some transparency app or do optical comparition pixel by pixel.

Eos HD Camera | TH-EOS-HD

Our top pick for you, when does not need any tool or app, and needs to have live HD video at 60 fps, with a high FOV thks to the size of the CCD and a great resolution with no delay.

Smart Cam HD


The Compact & stand alone Video

The Compact & stand alone Video solution when you needs a full HD video camera but sometimes needs to do some quick Basic measuring and saves and/or export this data to your PC.